BeTruthful Gentle and Fearless Gandhi Rachael Chong

When “things get crazy” and Rachael Chong needs perspective, she looks at an image by her desk of one of her favorite quotes:

“Be truthful, gentle and fearless.”
– Gandhi

In the video below, Rachael tells us that she loves this quote because it reminds her of the type of leader she wants to be. What motivates her about Gandhi’s words is that these qualities are somewhat elusive- that “you can be all of those things, but maybe not fully.”

In particular, Rachael strives to be gentle, “when you’re very ambitious and you have a lot that you want to accomplish, sometimes it’s hard to just take a deep breath and realize that by being softer and gentler, you can often achieve more.”

Hear Rachael’s thoughts on being fearless here and tell us, what’s your career mantra? Share with us in the comments below.


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[Image: SawdustCity]

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