If you’re looking for ways to stay engaged in your work, check out some of the ideas below from our founders, David and Maneesh. Whether it’s a small change or a big career shift like Rachel, you can always do something to live a little more grey.

Go back to basics. Ask yourself ‘what did you want to be when you grew up?’ Chances are, if you wanted to be a teacher when you were a child, you might still be interested in a job that allows you to help people. You might be thinking this is not applicable if you had an outlandish dream job, but be open minded. For example, if you wanted to be an astronaut when you were young, your innate desire is likely to do something exploratory, adventurous or inventive.

Keep learning and growing. While you might not have the time or funds to go back to school full time, look into certification classes for passion-related jobs instead of trying to pursue a full degree. Sign up for online courses on websites like Skillshare where you can spend very little money to learn about everything from building a website to interior design. Any added education related to your interests will help future employers see that you are driven and motivated even if you don’t have true work experience in certain areas.

Moonlight. Don’t let your day job take over your life. Use your evenings to build up your online identity and presence: create a website that showcases your experience and talents, speak up on social media to show you support your beliefs and values, keep in touch with your personal and professional networks both online and offline.

Amp up your extracurricular activities. Join meet-ups, attend lectures and events that are related to your passions versus industry/profession driven events where you leave feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. Be inspired by individuals who are living what they love. Often times you can meet your next mentor or employer when you least expect it!

Be a mentor. Learn from others including someone who might be younger or less experienced than you. You can gain insight from your career path by telling your story to a new contact that has open, unbiased ears. You’ll feel good about helping someone else through your advice and you’ll likely learn something new about yourself in the process!

Have  a reinvention story to share with us? Please talk to us in the comments below!

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