As you can probably tell, we were incredibly inspired at this year’s meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative. President Clinton kicked off CGI by saying to attendees, “Think about it; you’re not here for nothing.” We took his words to heart and realized that to make an impact in the world, you have to love what you do and live what you love.

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Both former President Clinton and former Secretary Clinton are fantastic examples of grey individuals that have found fulfillment in their careers by bringing passion into their work.

As such, we learned a few things from them about being grey that we wanted to share with you:

1. “What we do depends on how we think.” @billclinton
Mindset is a huge factor when you take the leap to live grey. Anything in the world that is worth doing – including living in the grey – is more achievable if approached as a skill to be mastered rather than a fixed ability that we have or don’t have.

2. “Leave the past behind. What matters is what we do today & tomorrow.” @HillaryClinton
Your grey journey will require you to step out of your comfort zone and take risks. Some of these risks might not work. Consider these instances as stepping stones. Learn the lesson and stay focused on what you can do moving forward to live your life in the grey.

3. “Talent is equally distributed in the universe, opportunity is not.” @billclinton
When we heard this, a light bulb went off in our minds. We have to take advantage of every opportunity that comes along – they aren’t granted to everyone! Remember to be open, change happens when it’s invited.

4. “Leveraging social capital and real capital… It’s a great thing” @HillaryClinton
What are your resources, strengths and talents? Be creative in how you combine them to leverage all you’ve got to offer the world. Collaborate with others to see what you can make happen.

5. “Make smart and realistic goals”@billclinton
No matter who you are, the key to turning intentions into actions is to name your aspirations and set achievable goals.

6. “We hold ourselves accountable so we have a greater chance to reach the goals we set.” @HillaryClinton
Just making goals isn’t enough. Share them with others and ask them to help keep you on track in reaching them. The extra motivation from friends, family and colleagues is often the gentle push we need to stay focused on our mission to live a life in the grey.


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